Matrix 121
Matrix Discovery
  • The matrix works like trains [people] following tracks [worldlines] into and out of stations [matrix pages].
  • Worldlines (pathways through the artistic wilderness) enter through THEY RECOMMEND ME tabs and exit through I RECOMMEND THEM tabs.
  • This (degrees-of-separation) methodology makes it theoretically possible for all artists (including our first worldliner: João do Boi — John of the Ox, below) to be reached — no matter how isolated — no matter where in the world — from anywhere.
  • Step-by-step-by-step-by-step...
  • Through open doors which formerly didn't exist at all.
  • Quincy Jones recommends Alfredo Rodriguez who recommends Munir Hossn who recommends João do Boi.
  • Anybody who gets to Quincy now has passage to João (and monster musicians Alfredo and Munir as well). QED!
  • The original meaning of matrix is “source”, from “mater”, Latin for “mother”.
  • We’re a real mother for ya.


João do Boi


  • So what do you do?
  • Contribute to the opening up of the universe of music & arts, by curating.
  • Sign up (from the top of any matrix page) and find people to recommend. You can see how to recommend on anybody's "Recommend Me" tab.
  • If you create categories for yourself on your own "Recommend Me" tab, you can be recommended too.
  • You can add/outlink to your media (music & book purchases, Spotify, Instagram, etc).
  • Or maybe you just go exploring! Follow worldlines forward and backward from recommendation tabs. Dip into curation categories. There are a lot of ways to get and be gotten to now.
  • If you want to know where and get an idea of why all this started, CHECK OUT DIAMOND-IN-THE-ROUGH BAHIA, BRAZIL!